Helpful Hints

Underlined text - means there is a link to another page, or to an e-mail etc. Your mouse icon should change from an arrow to a finger pointing to signify that clicking that text will do something.
Refresh - Use your refresh button. Sometimes your internet screens are cached in memory, unless you press refresh you will not see any recent updates. Note: shift-refresh will update all 3 screens: Table of Contents, Top Window and Main Screen.
Saving pictures - Right Click on any picture. From the menu select Save As and save to your hard drive.
Printing pictures - Right Click on any picture. From the menu select Print Picture.
Screen Resolution - I recommend 1280 by 1064. However 1024 by 768 should work as well. Anything lower than that (800 by 600) may not look as good. To change your display resolution, Right Click on any open space on your desktop. Then select properties. Next, Select Settings. There should be an option to change your screen area.
Text Size - You can change your display text size from Internet Explorer by selecting View/Text Size from the menu. Your existing text size will be displayed with a check mark. You can increse or decrease the text size.
Auto Refresh - You can Turn On or Off the Screen Auto Refresh. When Auto Refresh is On, the screen will automatically refresh at the select time (1, 2, or 5 minutes).
Your settings will be saved to the database and the next time you visit the site, your screen refresh settings will be restored.